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Our Latest Consignment

New Tropical Fish Arriving on 16TH February

17 February 2023

Cardinal Tetra Brazil

Neon Tetra Diamond

We like to inform all our customers that we have this list below ariving at our shop on the 

16th february .

Firehead Tetra

Blue Ram Cichlid

Angelfish Red Devil

Dwarf Clawed Frog

Goldfish Yellow

Dwarf Suckermouth

Tiger Hillstream Loach

Siamese Algae-eater

Pepper Cory

Leopard Cory

Bronze Cory Albino

Harlequin Rasbora

Flame Tetra Orange

Ancistrus Bristlenose Pleco 

L144 Ancistrus Yellow Blue Eye

Aqua Hobbies

THE Tropical Fish Centre

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